A Tree for Vicki
12:00 PM12:00

A Tree for Vicki

Mark your calendars!!! Bakers Ferry Stables and Quiet Rein invite all of you to come show your support for Vicki Zacharias. "Christmas trees symbolize hope" is what Vicki said to me once. So we are giving her that hope. All trees $25, tag now cut later, or let's us cut one for you on Sat 11/28. I hope to see everyone there!!!

Fundraiser for Vicki's battle against cancer.
Contact: Jill McGrady or Joelle Tavan at atreeforvicki@yahoo.com

All Christmas trees $25
Cut now or tag now & cut later

Money tree
Silent Auction
Snacks & drinks provided

All proceeds will go to Vicki Zacharias
(cash or check only, please)

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