QR Medal Play Day & Qualifier.png

Join us for our first ever

Medal Play Day and Qualifier this Sunday, August 11th!

This will be a great opportunity for those who would like to qualify for medal finals or practice for the big day. We will be offering a selection of USHJA, OHJA, Nancy Wild, Team NW and Kismet Medals. This boutique show will also provide educational opportunities. At the completion of the horse show, we will be offering a Medal Finals/USHJA Horsemanship Study Session and invite all riders, and their parents if they would like, to participate!

April 20-21 • May 18-19 • August 3-4 • October 5-6

It's 2019 and we are ready to kick off another fun show series! We are entering our seventh year of the Quiet Rein Show Series.  First, we wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for your support over the years, our sponsors Toklat-Irideon, Gallops Saddlery, Kismet Chiropractic and Bakers Ferry Equine, and, most importantly, our AMAZING moms and dads who continue to volunteer show after show. Without all the support from our community, we could not do what we do.

Our goal for this year's show series, aside from a lot of fun, is to help support equestrians in our community through scholarships. For this purpose, we have set up a non-profit organization.  For this year's show series, Kismet Chiropractic Mini Maclay Medal classes will be offered. All entry fees to these classes will go towards the scholarship fund. More yet to come on this exciting new program!

Our sport is constantly evolving and changing to better our industry. Currently, USHJA is trying to reach out to our Local Level riders to help with growth in our industry. So you will see a few changes this year. One of those changes is in membership. USHJA is encouraging that all competitors be Outreach members. However… membership is FREE! We will have staff and applications at the show office to help with this process. You will also see a change in the the layout of the prize list.

Here is a brief clarification of terms as they are now listed in our prize list as USHJA Outreach Divisions and how they will relate to OHJA Divisions for points:

  • .70m USHJA Outreach Jumpers - .70m Jumpers

  • .75m USHJA Outreach Jumpers - .75m Jumpers

  • .85m USHJA Outreach Jumpers - .85m Jumpers

  • .90m USHJA Outreach Jumpers - .90m Jumpers

  • 18” USHJA Outreach Hunters - Certificate of Merit

  • 2’0 USHJA Outreach Hunters - Short/Long Stirrup Working Hunters

  • 2’3 USHJA Outreach Hunters - Short/Long Stirrup Working Hunter

  • 2’6 USHJA Outreach Hunters - Pre-Children’s/Adult Working Hunters

  • 3’0 USHJA Outreach Hunters - Child/Adult Working Hunters

  • USHJA Outreach Equitation Walk/Trot - Certificate of Merit

  • 18” USHJA Outreach Equitation - Certificate of Merit

  • 2’0 USHJA Outreach Equitation - Short/Long Stirrup Equitation

  • 2’3 USHJA Outreach Equitation - Short/Long Stirrup Equitation

  • 2’6 USHJA Outreach Equitation - Pre-Children’s/Adult Equitation

  • 3’0 USHJA Outreach Equitation - Restricted Equitation 17 and Under/ Adult Equitation

As always, we thank you for your continued support. If you have any suggestions on things we could do to improve our shows, don’t hesitate to let us know. We WANT and appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

Cheers to a successful 2019 show Season!

Jill McGrady

Quiet Rein Riding School, LLC