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Circuit Awards 2018

Championship Series Points 2017

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Quiet Rein and Bakers Ferry Equine welcome everyone back for an exciting and new 2018 horse show series! Along with our Series Championships and Oregon Hunter Jumper Association recognition, we are also offering some new classes and award opportunities.

We are now working alongside the United States Hunter Jumper Association to help promote the Outreach Program. The USHJA Outreach Program provides members at any level of membership with an opportunity to earn national recognition in classes from walk/trot/canter to 3'0 hunter, jumper, and medal classes. The program is designed to celebrate riders as they advance through the competitive experience.

Any rider may compete in Outreach hunter and jumper classes, but riders wishing to earn USHJA points and national recognition, must be USHJA members. USHJA offers an Outreach Membership for $35. Riders are required to be members of USHJA (Outreach level or higher) in order to compete in the USHJA Outreach medal classes. Horses are not required to be registered with USHJA to compete in Outreach classes.

We have also added some new divisions for 2018: 

  • Modified Children’s/Adult Working Hunter

  • Modified Children’s/Adult Equitation

  • Restricted Equitation 17 and Under

  • Outreach Medals

  • Team NW Medals

And, probably the most exciting new classes to this year's prize list are… DERBIES, they are here, and they will offer PRIZE MONEY:

  • Bakers Ferry Equine 2’6 (2’9 options) Hunter Derby - $200 Stake

  • The Mini Murph Derby 18” (2’0 options) Hunter Derby - $100 Stake

A special thanks to all our exhibitors and families for helping to make our horses shows filled with great friends, great competition and most of all FUN!

Championships Series

2018 Series Championship Awards will be offered in the following divisions:

  • Certificate of Merit (all classes under 2’0 in height count for this division, tracked by rider name)

  • USHJA Outreach Jumper 2’3 (Beginning Jumper .70m)

  • USHJA Outreach Jumper 2’6 (.75m Jumper)

  • USHJA Outreach Jumper 2’9 (.85m Jumper)

  • USHJA Outreach Jumper 3’0 (.90m Jumper combined with Low Child/Adult Jumper)

  • Children’s/Adult Working Hunter 3’0

  • Modified Children’s/Adult 2’9 (Hunter and Equitation combined)

  • Restricted Equitation 17 and Under

  • USHJA Outreach Hunter 2’6 (Pre-Children’s/Adult Working Hunter and Equitation combined)

  • USHJA Outreach Hunter 2’0 (Short/Long Stirrup Hunter and Equitation Combined)