Rates, Packages, and Lease Options

Full Training

Full Training cost $500 per month and includes the following:

  • 3-5 Lessons and/or Rides per week

  • Scheduling of Dental, Vet, Farrier

  • Muzzle clipped, Legs clipped, Mane pulled and scheduling of Body Clips (additional charge to apply)

  • Entries to all horses shows completed and submitted (no late fees)


  • Evaluation Lesson - $75 - Come meet our horses and instructors. We will cover safety, grooming, equipment, and pair you up with your equine partner. This lesson is required if this is your first time riding with us.

  • Individual Lessons - $65- For the occasional rider.

  • Weekly Lessons - $225 - One lesson a week for up to four weeks.

New rider incentives!

Gallops Saddlery offers a Starter Package for new riders (boots, half chaps, helmet, gloves, pants, etc.).

Refer a friend who becomes a new client and get 25% off your next month's lesson package!